WordPress 3.3 Sürümü çıktı hemen güncelleyin.


Matt Mullenweg’in WordPress 3.3’e oğlum demesi ve büyük WordPress demesi WordPress 3.3’ün ne kadar yenilendiğini gösteriyor aslında. Bazı yeni özellikleri;

  1. Yeni sürükle bırak aktarıcı. HTML5
  2. Navigasyon
  3. Yeni bir araç çubuğu
  4. Geliştirilmiş ortak düzenleme desteği
  5. Yeni bir Tumblr desteği
  6. Yeni menü sistemi

Bu özelliklerin tümünü daha önceden açmış olduğum yazıda görebilirsiniz. Geniş bir şekilde açıkladım.

WordPress 3.3 Download / indir

Son sürümü indirmek için alttaki iki linki inceleyiniz.

Türkçe: WordPress 3.3

English: WordPress 3.3

WordPress 3.3 “Sonny”

The latest and greatest version of the WordPress software — 3.3, named “Sonny” in honor of the great jazz saxophonist Sonny Stitt — is immediately available for download or update inside your WordPress dashboard.

WordPress has had over 65 million downloads since version 3.0 was released, and in this third major iteration we’ve added significant polish around the new user experience, navigation, uploading, and imports. Check out this short video that summarizes the things we think you’ll find are the cat’s pajamas:

For Users

Experienced users will appreciate the new drag-and-drop uploader, hover menus for the navigation, the new toolbar, improved co-editing support, and the new Tumblr importer. We’ve also been thinking a ton about what the WordPress experience is like for people completely new to the software. Version 3.3 has significant improvements there with pointer tips for new features included in each update, a friendly welcome message for first-time users, and revamped help tabs throughout the interface. Finally we’ve improved the dashboard experience on the iPad and other tablets with better touch support.

For Developers

There is a ton of candy for developers as well. I’d recommend starting your exploration with the new editor API, new jQuery version, better ways to hook into the help screens, more performant post-slug-only permalinks, and of course the entire list of improvements on the Codex and in Trac.

Roll the Credits

The Credits tab on the new About WordPress screen in the WordPress dashboard provides recognition for contributors to each release, but we like to thank them here as well.