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I think we came to the point that free wordpress theme have over-saturated the market, there are millions of them by now but when you come to pick one for your website — let’s face it, you can’t find even one semi-decent there. They are all either poorly coded, or ripped, or just plain ugly (of course this excludes OUR free wordoress themes collection!). So I decided to compose a small list of truly high quality themes, professionally coded and laid out, which you can get for 10-20 dollars and moreover won’t need to make do with a long trail of spammy links at the footer.

1. “Our Community” WordPress Theme

ThemeForest’s best seller — Fantastic integration between a cosy looking personal wordpress theme and a neat, web 2.0, professional magazine style layout. While the price could seem a bit expensive to some ($30), it’s is way cheaper than a regular magazine style theme of this standard. You get the PSD file with the download, and apart from a beautiful design, there are some premium features like: custom admin panel features, ads management system, drop down menu, and moreover, you are able to define which categories to be shown in front page. View the demo, download and purchase details

2. “Showcase WordPress” Theme

Perhaps the best wordpress showcase design you will ever come across. It is quite universal and can be both an inspiration showcase site (like, a database of free wordpress themes, personal or photography portfolio and anything else in between that requires an easy to use and manage image gallery. Costs $30 and in my opinion worth every cent. Among other features: 125×125 sidebar adds, fully managed by a Custom Admin Panel in wordpress admin, custom random image rotator in the middle of the footer and the thumbnails you see on the front page, are inputted using custom fields. View the demo, details and download options

3. “Blazen” WordPress Theme (new)

This theme might look simple at the first sight, but if you take a closer look you will see that this theme has an enormous potential. For people like myself, who are not keen on the “classic” magazine style wp themes, this one resembles more the structure of and can suit practically ANY blog with main section of posts and a “sideblog” on the right column. The theme costs only $25 and was released earlier last week, so if you want to grab the design fast — this is your opportunity before the price might rise (as I seen it happening with a couple of other themes). Some of the notable features include:

  • Built in Custom Admin Menu
  • 3 Color schemes
  • Built in Custom Write Options (Post Image, and Subtitle)
  • Sideblog (Micro blogging)

See more features, deme and download options

4. “Wood World” WordPress Theme

5. “Eat Fish Cat” WordPress Theme

6. “Code Breaker” WordPress theme (only $12)

7. “Aurora Borealis” WordPress Theme

8. “Quick Tab” WordPress Theme

9. “The Other Blog” WordPress theme

10. “BMag” WordPress theme ($12 Only)

So, this was my top 10 picks from the rapidly growing new network of wordpress themes – Theme Forest. Hope you will find something for your liking in this list.

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